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How do European Fishing Quotas Work?

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European Fishing Quotas The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) regulates fishing in the European Union (EU) and was created to manage fish stock. The commission is responsible for setting quotas for each EU member state regarding the number of fish for each species that may be caught. The commission also encourages the fishing industry through market […]

Examining Fishing Boats From Around the World

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The inseparable bond between beings living on the land and the water that surrounds them are older than time itself, and man is no different in sharing this connection. A source of hydration and cleanliness, a metaphor for stilled introspection, and of course, for food. Humans have been building boats for over 11,000 years for […]

Southampton Boat Show Preview 2014

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If you love the water and boats, the Southampton Boat Show has something for you. If you’re searching for a fishing boat, you’ll find fishing boats for sale; if you’re looking for a yacht, you’ll find yachts for sale. The show includes both sail boats and motorboats for sale. And if you already have a […]

Buying a commercial fishing boat, the basics

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Whatever a person’s preferred method of commercial fishing is, a quality fishing boat for sale designed to fit an angler’s needs is a necessity for successful and safe fishing forays. Unfortunately, there can be an overwhelming number of boats for sale. What is worse is that people often do not know how to purchase a […]

Boat Safety 101

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For our US friends, we have an article on boating safety on their side of the pond. Boating is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. Just like with cruising on the highway, cruising on the water also has its share of dangers and rules […]

How to sell my boat on

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The idea of a selling a boat can seem like an overwhelming task. But, if you go about it in an organized way, selling a boat can be a simple process. The following looks at what is involved in selling a fishing boat, yacht or another type of watercraft. Preparing to Sell My Boat Naturally, […]

A look at RIB construction materials

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Buying a rigid inflatable boat is an investment. You need to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. You need to know your RIB’s weight, speed, longevity, cost of purchase, and cost of care. You need to know how to make RIB repairs, and what it will take for you to finish the job. There […]

A Guide to Buying Your First Yacht

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Once reserved for the rich and famous, yacht ownership has become a lot easier and accessible to the masses thanks to a thriving international second hand market and mass production of cheaper yachts. However, buying a boat, especially a yacht, requires special research and other guidelines to be sure the right boat is selected and […]

8 Essential Apps for Fishing Boat Users

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Whether an individual has been working on commercial boats their entire life or simply in the market for the first time to find fishing boats for sale, there’s a good chance that heading out onto the open waterways to catch fish is a huge part of their life. It’s important to note, however, that technology […]

Our guide to fishing nets

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A Guide to Fishing Nets   Commercial fishing gear includes all types of nets, hooks and lines, traps, grappling devices and stunning or stupefying devices. The right commercial fishing net can make all the difference when you want to catch a certain type of fish and avoid “bycatch,” which refers to environmental consequences based on […]

The World’s Largest Catches: What You Don’t Want to Hook on Your Fishing Line

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Every fisher has had their share of big catches. We have all had that moment where we feel our line get heavy and we reel it in with excitement, ready to see the big one on the end of our hook only to find that our big catch is not even a fish at all. […]

Jobs on Fishing Boats - useful guide

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Fishing Boat Careers   Whether you’re looking for a high-paying career that brings adventure, a chance to get away from the normal nine to five job, or a thriving industry that brings high risk and reward, commercial fishing is a great choice. There are many different kinds of commercial fishing careers, in many different locations. […]

London Boat Show 2014 Guide

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Your Guide to This Year’s London Boat Show It’s no surprise that the London Boat Show is celebrating its 60th year. Held every year in January at the ExCeL Exhibition Center in London, this prominent and crowd-pleasing event is the perfect way to bring in the new year. Starting on January 4th, boaters from all […]

Essential Safety Equipment for Fishing Boat Owners

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Skippers of all sizes and types of fishing boats and vessels in the UK and Europe that catch ocean fish have multiple important responsibilities including the safety of their crew members and their vessels. In addition, they must be well prepared to navigate their fishing routes and areas carefully, always maintaining full awareness of the […]

The Basics of Outboard Engines

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The Basics of Outboard Engines   There are many powerful and efficient outboard engines available for the European market today that are especially suitable for beginning motorboaters. Nearly all models are obtainable both as new products and through used motors sales companies and dealers. One of the frontrunning producers of top quality outboard motors today […]


Boating Questions and Help

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How to sell a boat

Generally there are two routes you can take in selling your boat, you can do all the leg work yourself and sell the vessel privately and that usually requires a fair bit of effort on your part, alternatively you can find yacht broker and they will put in most of the work on your behalf. […]





A guide to fishing boats

The term “fishing vessel” refers to any type of ship, or boat that is used for the specific purpose of catching fish. This includes vessels that are used in either a river, a lake or at sea. There are numerous different types of vessels used for recreational sport fishing, artisanal and commercial fishing. According to […]