8 Essential Apps for Fishing Boat Users

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Whether an individual has been working on commercial boats their entire life or simply in the market for the first time to find fishing boats for sale, there’s a good chance that heading out onto the open waterways to catch fish is a huge part of their life. It’s important to note, however, that technology has also become a big part of most people’s lives. Luckily, certain apps for Android and iOS devices now allow those who love fishing to combine these two worlds. In fact, there are a variety of apps out there that tend to make the lives of fishermen even more enjoyable.

Animated Fishing Knots
From those who work on ships for a living to those who simply like taking fishing boats out for a nice weekend getaway, there’s a distinct advantage to knowing how to tie as many fishing knots as possible. Well, for those who have an iOS device and a little motivation, the Animated Fishing Knots app will allow them to learn and have quick access to 52 of the best fishing knots ever to be used. It even provides a few techniques for emergency hook removal.The best part is, just as the name of the app suggests, there are animations provided which teach the user how to correctly tie the knot. There are plenty of apps on the market that claim to do something but then don’t live up to it. Animated Fishing Knots definitely isn’t one of them. It was actually rated by PropTalk Magazine as one of the Top 10 Boating Apps for the iPhone in 2010, so there’s no doubt that every fisherman will be getting a great deal.
Fishin’ Buddy Lite
This app is ideal for fishermen on any type of vessel ranging from trawlers to the smallest of fishing boats, and unlike many apps out there, it’s available for Android users. The app works as a basic fishing diary. A person can record the location, fish species, weather, time, lure and a host of other information related to any of their travels. Most fishing spots are only great during certain times of the day, and this app allows fishers to keep track of all of this information instead of trying their best to remember it.

The app goes a long way in guiding a fisherman on the best places to be at the best times, but it also allows them to save stats related to their catches. This means that, regardless of how many fish they manage to pull in, they will be able to brag about each one the next time they’re around their friends with their mobile device.

Fishing UK
Too many novice fishermen end up putting their fishing boats up for sale after becoming disillusioned about not being that successful. Before they go about doing this, however, they should at least try out the Fishing UK app. This great mobile app will allow fishermen to search over 2,900 different fishing venues, and it even provides information on over 900 tackle shops all over the United Kingdom.In addition, users of the app are able to review and rate their favorite spots. This allows other fishers to get a good idea of how beneficial it would be to check out a few new locations. The app even lets individuals chat with their fellow anglers in the forum area. If all of this wasn’t enough, tutorials and member deals are also provided. When a person has this on their iPhone, there’s no reason for them to not be a great fisherman.
Fishing Calendar
This app can be especially helpful for captains of commercial boats and ships, but it also benefits even the lowest angler who may be out and about on a boat no bigger than they are. The Fishing Calendar app literally predicts when the best fishing times will be at whichever location a person chooses. Sure, many anglers see dusk and dawn as prime fishing opportunities, but in reality, there are a variety of other factors at work when it comes to making the big catch. This app takes all of those factors into account.The app uses a Solunar prediction calendar to logically predict where and when an angler should head out. Additionally, it allows for photos to be taken of a person’s catch right from within the app. After that, a fisherman can add a description of the catch, including the weight, size, current weather and even the bait they used, so they can remember this information for later or even share it with their friends right from the app. It can also be used in metric and imperial units, so even visitors can enjoy the app without having to do conversions in their heads.
What Fish
Whilst the other apps on this list are mostly focused on locating and recording great spots, the What Fish app goes a little bit further. The app actually provides location specific information about boat weights and minimum catch sizes. Additionally, information is provided on the best fishing methods in different locations. This means that regardless of whether a person is employed on one of the biggest ships around or sitting at the shore, there will be hints to increase their angling success.On top of all of this, the app also has a comprehensive list of 164 different fish within it so that a fisherman can quickly identify just about any fish that he may come across. If all of this wasn’t enough, there are even recipes within the app so that a great day of fishing can quickly turn into an amazing meal come dinner time.
Wreck Finder
While not every fisherman will understand the utility of this app, there’s no doubt that most sea anglers will. Wreck Finder shows the locations of various wrecks at sea. As many already know, these wrecks create artificial reefs, and the oceanic life that populates them is, in a word, abundant. The app shows the locations of wrecks all over the Irish coastal waters and British Isles. In addition, a mobile device’s GPS will work with the app to get its user to the exact spot they need to be.Individuals with less advanced mobile devices will often unfortunately not be able to take advantage of the GPS synchronization if their phone doesn’t have it. Luckily, this doesn’t matter a bit when it comes to Wreck Finder. All of the wreck locations contained within the app are actually downloaded upon initially installing it onto a device. This means that, no matter how far out of range an individual is from the nearest phone tower, they’ll still have the information related to all of these wrecks right in the palm of their hand.
Trawler Boating Forums
Those who work the trawl net may feel a bit left out since most fishing apps focus on anglers, but Trawler Boating Forums makes sure they’ve got a useful tool on their mobile device as well. It connects an individual to other trawlers throughout the world, and it can be accessed regardless of whether a fisherman is out at sea or on the dock. There are a variety of forums where great tricks and tips can be found, and users of the app can even set up meetings amongst themselves.

The app also provides tips ranging from proper maintenance to the best cleaning methods for a trawler. There’s even a great forum for trawler builders. Add this all to the fact that it’s free to download in the a iTunes store, and there’s no better friend for the trawler in all of us. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trawler-boating-forums/id519717404?mt=8

Carp Lake Maps
What’s more enjoyable than traveling the channel towards France while catching carp along the way? An app that makes it all the more easy. The Carp Lakes Maps app provides great maps and even details the features of lake beds along the way. This will undoubtedly help out an angler’s strike rate. When it first came out, there weren’t a large number of lakes featured on the app, but this number has definitely increased as time has passed.Maybe the best feature of the app is its price. While purchasing the maps available within the program would usually set a fisherman back at least £54, the app only costs a low £2.99. In addition, it’s available on both iOS and Android platforms, so there’s no excuse for anyone to not have this great tool at their disposal. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/carplakemaps-carp-fishing/id406152532?mt=8
Whilst this list of fishing apps isn’t comprehensive, it definitely offers up some of the best fishing apps that are currently out there. Enjoying time on fishing boats is a fact of life for many, and as the modern adage goes, “there’s an app for that.” For those who are just getting started fishing, these apps can provide them with the knowledge that others had to work for years to attain. And for seasoned veterans, all of these apps will make their fishing experience much more enjoyable than they’d ever imagined.

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