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The idea of a selling a boat can seem like an overwhelming task. But, if you go about it in an organized way, selling a boat can be a simple process. The following looks at what is involved in selling a fishing boat, yacht or another type of watercraft.

Preparing to Sell My Boat

Naturally, you want to make your boat look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to improve the appearance and condition of your boat before taking the photographs of it that will appear in the classifieds. A thorough cleaning should be at the top of your list of things to do to prepare your boat for sale. Certainly, this includes the entire exterior of the boat. Washing the seat cushions and polishing the hull are two important cleaning tasks. Also, you’ll want to clean the floor of the galley and sweep any carpeting in the boat. Any piece of hardware on your boat should be shined to look its best.

Another thing that you can do to prepare a boat is to look for any missing parts including screws, ties or plastic attachments. Replace any part that is missing. A missing screw here or there may seem like an incidental thing, but a missing piece can sometimes distract the attention of a potential buyer looking at a photo. The person may assume that the boat has other imperfections in its structure.

Before photos of the boat are taken, clear the deck and galley of any excess items. Putting ropes, accessories or small pieces of equipment into a storage cabinet can give potential buyers the impression that the boat is spacious. Plus, a boat with lots of extra items scattered around doesn’t leave a potential buyer with a positive impression of the way the boat was treated by its owner. You want to portray your boat as a well-kept, carefully maintained vessel.

Though potential buyers will only be looking at photos of your boat, it’s a good idea to make any necessary repairs on the engine. This way, it will be in shipshape for anyone who wants to travel to your location and look it over.

Tips for Taking Photos of Your Boat

One thing to remember when taking photos of boats for sale is to get several different perspectives. A potential buyer wants a really good idea of the appearance and size of a boat before making the decision to see it in person. Also, look at each part of the boat and decide how it would look best in a photo. For instance, if you want to display the spacious counter tops in your galley, take the photo from a far corner of the room. Ideally, your photos will show each portion of your boat in its best light. Concentrate on highlighting really colorful parts of your boat and make it look like its sitting on a showroom floor! In addition, taking the photos in the morning is a wise idea. Morning light is subtle and you can use the soft light to exhibit the most appealing parts of your boat. Stand with the sun at your back when you take the photos.

The Steps of Listing Your Boat in the Boat Classifieds is an ideal place to advertise yachts and fishing boats for sale. The process of listing a boat is a simple one. First, go to the website and click on, ‘place a free ad.’ Then, select the category that best describes your boat. Some examples include: sports fishing boats, powerboats and yachts for sale. By selecting a category, potential buyers are able to narrow their search for the types of boats they are interested in. Next, create an ad title that gets the attention of potential buyers or people who are just browsing the available options. You’ll need to type in the price you want for your boat as well as a specific type of currency. Make sure to choose whether this price is a solid, fixed one or whether you’re willing to bargain. The make of the boat as well as the model are both necessary items to fill in for your classified ad. Leave the description blank for now and move down the page to fill out contact information including your country, town, email, telephone, etc. Now, you’re ready to create a description.

Writing a Description of Your Boat

The most important thing to remember is to highlight the best features of your boat. Perhaps you have a spacious deck that is perfect for fishing, diving or hosting parties. Maybe your galley has everything needed for a fun getaway with a spouse or the family. If you are selling a yacht with a collection of furniture made of mahogany or a sofa that seats a dozen people comfortably, these are both features worth mentioning. The trick is to create a description that entices potential buyers to keep reading. Furthermore, they should be able to envision themselves enjoying time on the boat. Words that put a picture into a person’s head are perfect for your description.

Loading Your Photos

The final step of placing your classified ad on is to load your photos. First, you must transfer your photos from your camera to your computer. You can post several photos by clicking on browse and choosing them from your files in your computer. If you take the photos on your smart phone, it is even easier to load them into your classified ad. Make sure the photos are right side up and leap off the page at you! In most cases, a potential buyer will scan the description of the boat and quickly move on to look at the photos. Be sure to click on the ‘submit’ button to finalize your ad. One last tip: Try to create the type of classified ad that would get your attention if you were interested in purchasing a boat.

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