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Line #332: $descstr = "Bulk Carrier 55000 DWT . %3Cbr /%3EBuilt 2010 %3Cbr /%3ELength over all abt. 189.98 m %3Cbr /%3ELength between perpendiculars 182.00 m %3Cbr /%3EBreadth %28moulded%29 32.26 m %3Cbr /%3EDepth %28designed%29 18.00 m %3Cbr /%3EDraft %28designed%29 11.80 m %3Cbr /%3EDraft %28scantling%29 12.80 m %3Cbr /%3EFive cargo holds app.68382 m3 %3Cbr /%3E4 cranes x 36 MT %3Cbr /%3EDWT app. 55.303 MT %3Cbr /%3EEngine B%26W 9480 kW %3Cbr /%3EClass BV %3Cbr /%3EPrice idea was 34 Mil US%24!SOLD for app.%3C 30 Mil US%24 %3Cbr /%3E-Can try to match with sister for app. 27 Mil US %24 or similar! %3Cbr /%3E-Several New Chemical and Product Tankers,Dregers, AHTS,Tugs,Bulk Carriers,Floating Docks, Accomodation working Barge,as well as second hand vessels diff. DWT. %3Cbr /%3E-Option to built MPP or any other type of new ship desire Class up to 80.000 DWT, delivery app. 6-24 months. %3Cbr /%3E%2A%2A%2AAll prices are direct from Owners/Brokers/Shipyards, depend on exchange rate, Class, some NET to buyer, and mostly negotiable! %3Cbr /%3EWeb <a href="http://www.wix.com/dejannovogradec/properties-vess" rel="nofollow" >http://www.wix.com/dejannovogradec/properties-vess</a> els %3Cbr /%3EContacts: voice: 385 %280%29919 353 292 ,skype split-no1 , mailto:split-hrvatska@hotmail.com %3Cbr /%3E";
Line #333:

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    1181) { ?>

Boat description

http://www.wix.com/dejannovogradec/properties-vess els %3Cbr /%3EContacts: voice: 385 %280%29919 353 292 ,skype split-no1 , mailto:split-hrvatska@hotmail.com %3Cbr /%3E"; echo urldecode($descstr); ?>
BC 55000 DWT


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