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23.9 Multicat for sale

%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EWright International Ltd has for sale a boat that will without a doubt sell fast. The boat may be sold through ourselves, other brokers or by the owner direct but it will sell within weeks. The reason we are as confident is because we are offering a year 2009 multicat that measures 23.9m in length. This multicat w...... Read More

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Wemyss Bay
PA18 6DT


%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EWright International Ltd has for sale a boat that will without a doubt sell fast. The boat may be sold through ourselves, other brokers or by the owner direct but it will sell within weeks. The reason we are as confident is because we are offering a year 2009 multicat that measures 23.9m in length. This multicat was designed and built under the careful eye of Bureau Veritas and allows the boat to operate virtually anywhere in the world.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EThe boat offers twin 700hp Cat diesels, a 70 ton deck capacity, 15 ton aft crane, 4.5 ton hydraulic crane, 14 berths in 5 cabins and much more, all for only %241,850,000 USD. This is a boat that is available today, not in 6 %26ndash%3B 12 months like most new builds are. If you want a new build multicat but without the waiting period, this is probably your one and only chance!!%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EDo not forget Wright International Ltd is able to offer the full and comprehensive package such as:-%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BNEW BUILD/ Brokerage - Wright International Ltd has now over 700 boats on our site at present and we will have over 1000 by the end of this year as we bring on more operatives who will be focused in finding new listings for us.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BDESIGN - Wright International Ltd working with Naval Architects and Manufacturers throughout the world can now arrange for the design of any Marine Vessel for you. Working in GRP, Kevlar, Aluminium and steel we have the technology to work with you to design the vessel best suited to you.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BSURVEY %26ndash%3B when you buy any vessel NEW or second hand you should always consider a qualified Surveyor undertakes a survey of the vessel to make sure the vessel is as it says it is, the owner actually owns the vessel and the paperwork is in order for the acquisition to go through smoothly. Wright International Ltd can organise this for you from our Local Offices and we can provide our very valued customers with a vessel they can sail away in the safe knowledge it is legally theirs.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BFINANCE - Wright International Ltd can work with you to arrange for up to 70%25 funding for this vessel if you or your company can satisfy our requirements for Finance. Why not ask for our Finance requirements and see for yourself how simple this can be%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BDELIVERY - Wright International Ltd has proved to be almost unique in delivering our vessels for our customers even if it was by air to Kazakhstan from Scotland.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BSHIP MAINTENANCE %26ndash%3B Keeping a ship in Class is all about programmed ships maintenance and again Wright International Ltd has the good fortune to be able to offer this as part of our service to you. Wright International Ltd can provide SHIPS MAINTENANCE on any of the vessels we sell and is an ever growing part of our business.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BCREW - Wright International Ltd is working with most of the leading Crew agencies and Wright International Ltd is delighted to be able to supply Crew either on a permanent or temporary basis for the owners of the vessels we sell. ALL Crew will be fully Certificated for the position they hold and will of course be vetted to ensure only persons of good reputation and good ser vice history get on board YOUR vessel.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3E%26bull%3BPROTECTION - Wright International Ltd is well aware of the ever growing problem facing today%26rsquo%3Bs Marine Operators and that is Piracy. Fortunately Wright International Ltd is working in conjunction with the worlds leading Anti %26ndash%3B Pirate Agencies and can supply men fully trained and will to work anywhere in the world to combat this problem for you.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cbr /%3E%3Cbr /%3E%0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EVessel Type:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A Multicat %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EBuilder:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A Made in Egypt %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EModel:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 23.9m Multicat %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EYear:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 2009 %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EPrice:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A %241,850,000 %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EReference:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A WIL 2240 %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2 dimentions%22%3EDimensions%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3ELOA:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 23m 90cm %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EBeam:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 8m cm %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EDraft:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 1m 80cm %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2%22%3EEngines%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EThe engines onboard this 23.9m multicat are a pair of Caterpillar 3406 diesels. These engines are connected to 2 large propellers, each imbedded within a strong kort nozzle.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EYou also have onboard 2 Caterpillar auxiliary engines producing 50kw/50hz each.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EThe fuel capacity is an impressive 22,000 Litres and 30,000 Litres of fresh water. This allows you to operate on long distance or offshore contracts with ease.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cbr /%3E%3Cbr /%3E%0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3ENo. of Engines:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 2 %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EFuel:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A Diesel %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EDrive:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A Shaft Drive %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EFuel Capacity:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 22,000 Litres %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EWater Capacity:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A 30,000 Litres %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2%22%3EConstruction%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EThis multicat was built in Egypt in 2009 under the careful eye of BV classification. The strong hull and deck will make this boat a contract winner for sure. You even have added features like straight through access from bow to stern to allow rope/cables/pipes and other materials to be carried or connected.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cbr /%3E%3Cbr /%3E%0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %3Cstrong%3EHull Material:%3C/strong%3E %0D%0A Steel %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A %0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2%22%3EAccomodation%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A%3Cp align%3D%22justify%22%3EThe accommodation onboard this multicat comprises of a total of 5 cabins. You have 3 crew cabins each with 4 berths%3B 1 cabin for the barge manager and 1 cabin for the Captain.%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2%22%3EDecking Equipment%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3EThe deck equipment onboard includes:-%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E%26bull%3B 4 Anchors, each with 250m chain%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B 15 ton aft crane%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B 4.5 ton deck crane%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B 30m3/hr Bilge / ballast pump%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Ch3 class%3D%22boathead2%22%3ENavigation Equipment%3C/h3%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3EThe navigation equipment onboard includes:-%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E%26bull%3B Magnetic Compass%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Gyro Compass%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Furuno FR 1510 Mk3 Radar %3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Marine VHF Radio%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Furuno GP32 GPS %3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Auto Pilot Furuno SC 60%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B Directional Finder Fitted%3Cbr /%3E%26bull%3B GMDSS A1%2BA2%3C/p%3E

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